Deconstructing Fashion to
an Approachable Art Form


The world of fashion is often seen as exclusive and unattainable.

Mr. Tom Ford, the Chairman of CFDA, was looking to revitalize the reputation of American Fashion – offering a peek behind the elusive curtain that would allow the personalities of the designers to come to life.


Fashion is bigger than clothes – it’s about the unique intention and perspective behind those who create it, those who wear it, and those who are inspired by it.


We looked to bring relatability and humanity to the CFDA by exploring the diverse perspectives of each designer – whether motivated by a specific aesthetic, a personal experience, or a cultural identity – to showcase the growing inclusivity of American fashion.


Our goal was to have consumers get to know the designers by diving deeper into each designer’s life and perspective. Through content that made the designers more relatable, we created an engaging, fun, and emotive social campaign surrounding the CFDA Awards.

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It's all in the details Instagram campaign
Fill in the Blank Instagram campaign
Guess Who Instagram campaign


  • 26M total people engaged across all platforms during the
    month of November
  • 7,489 total placements
  • $31M Total Media Impact Value
  • Top country: USA, $19.7M Media Impact Value and 3,222 placements
  • Generated a buzz leading up to the CFDA Awards with a
    steady cadence of social media posts
  • Successfully engaged and educated a new audience

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